The Wedding Feast at Cana
There was a marriage feast at Cana and Mary and Jesus and His disciples were invited. During the feast the wine ran short. Mary seeing this knew how embarrassing it would be for the bride and groom. She then said to Jesus, “They have no wine.” Jesus then said to her, “Woman, what is that to Me and to you? My hour is not yet come.” Mary then turned to the waiters and said, “Whatever He tells you to do, do it.” Now there were six stone jars that were empty. Jesus then told the waiters to fill the jars with water. The waiters filled them to the brim. Jesus then said to them, “Take some out and bring it to the chief steward of the feast.” The chief steward tasted the water, that had been made into wine. He did not know where it came from. The chief steward called the bridegroom and said, “Every man first puts out the good wine and when the men have drunk it they then put out the worst wine. But you saved the best wine for later.” This first miracle Jesus performed in Cana. (St. John 2:1-11)

This first miracle shows us how powerful Mary is. Jesus would not have done anything about the wine running out if Mary had not told him to. He said that it was too early for Him to do a miracle, but Mary could make Him do it anyway. It is not like the bride and groom had done anything bad, it was just embarrassing for them. How loving Mary to think about helping in small things like that. Mary told the servants to do whatever Jesus told them (Jn 2:5). It is the same with us. Mary will not tell Jesus to be merciful, or to do miracles if we do not do as He says.

Mary is the admirable Mother of the Son, Who took pleasure in humbling and concealing her during her life in order to favor her humility, calling her by the name of, “woman” (St. Jn. 2:4) as if she were a stranger, although in His heart He esteemed and loved her above all angels and men. - St. Louis De Montfort